May 7, 2011 – Article by Bristol Herald Courier

A Buchanan County landowner who never wittingly leased the natural gas beneath his property, got a call early this year from a land supervisor with one of the commonwealth’s most powerful energy companies, telling him that there was “uncertainty” whether he or a coal company owned the methane gas stored in the coal seams beneath him and that it would take “years and years” to answer the ownership question in court and suggested the only way to get his money, trapped in a state-run escrow account, was to sign an agreement splitting the money 50-50 with the coal company.  Never, according to the affidavit, did CNX mention that the issue of ownership had been settled – in Armes favor – six years earlier by the Virginia Supreme Court. Nor did they mention pending litigation dealing with the very issue at hand. Click here to read the whole story.

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