Legal Rights of Virginia Coalbed Methane Gas Owners

Do you own Virginia land that contains coalbed methane gas? Coal and energy corporations have claimed that they, as coal owners, own the gas produced in coalbed methane wells. These claims are contrary to Virginia law. This coalbed methane belongs to gas and mineral rights owners.

If you own rights to gas in your land, the Virginia Supreme Court has decided that you — not the owners of the coal — are entitled to money from gas production on your property.

Why You Should Not Sign A Split Agreement With A Coal Company

Why are coal companies knocking on doors and trying to get landowners to sign so-called Split Agreements? These agreements give the coal owner up to half the gas money in the state escrow fund, and a share of future proceeds for the life of the well — even though the Virginia Supreme Court has said that coal owners have no right to that money.

If you are asked to sign a Split Agreement for the royalties in the gas on your land, we recommend:

  1. GET A BUSINESS CARD from the caller and ask who is paying to have you contacted.
  2. ASK IF THEY ARE AWARE that the Virginia Supreme Court has decided coal owners do not own the gas in coal seams.
  3. ASK IF THEY ARE AWARE that suits have been filed in federal court to get gas money in escrow released.
  4. ASK IF THEY ARE AWARE that the coal owner has no right to your escrow account.

Legal Resources for Virginia Coalbed Gas Owners

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